Wild Brown Trout Streams in WV 

Wild Brown Trout WV Streams 

West Virginia, known as the "Mountain State," is a treasure trove for anglers, offering numerous pristine streams teeming with wild brown trout. These wild trout streams offer a unique fishing experience that is both challenging and rewarding. In this article, we'll explore some of the top wild brown trout streams in West Virginia and provide you with access points to ensure a successful fishing adventure. Get ready to cast your line and explore the beauty of these West Virginian gems!

Elk River

Elk Springs Resort

Riverside Campground

Elk River Water Trail access points

The Elk River is a popular destination for brown trout fishing, boasting over 40 miles of fishable water. The headwaters are located in Pocahontas County, and the river flows through Randolph and Webster Counties before joining the Kanawha River. The crystal-clear waters and abundant aquatic insect life create a haven for wild brown trout. The Elk Springs Resort, Riverside Campground, and multiple Elk River Water Trail access points offer excellent entry points for anglers.

Cranberry River

Woodbine Recreation Area

Big Rock Campground

Bishop Knob Campground

The Cranberry River is a renowned trout stream in the Monongahela National Forest. This freestone stream has swift currents and deep pools, providing ideal habitat for wild brown trout. The river can be accessed from the Woodbine Recreation Area, Big Rock Campground, and Bishop Knob Campground. The remote location and dense forest make this an ideal spot for an immersive fishing experience.

Seneca Creek

Seneca Rocks Discovery Center

Seneca Creek Trailhead

Smoke Hole Road

Located in Pendleton County, Seneca Creek is a tributary of the North Fork South Branch Potomac River. This picturesque stream is known for its stunning scenery, limestone cliffs, and of course, wild brown trout. Access the creek from the Seneca Rocks Discovery Center, Seneca Creek Trailhead, or along Smoke Hole Road.

Williams River

Tea Creek Campground

Three Forks Bridge

Day Run Campground

The Williams River, another Monongahela National Forest gem, offers exceptional wild brown trout fishing opportunities. The river flows through the heart of the forest and can be accessed from Tea Creek Campground, Three Forks Bridge, and Day Run Campground. The river's deep pools and swift riffles create a perfect habitat for trout and offer anglers a challenging and exciting fishing experience.

Cherry River

Richwood City Park

Holcomb Bridge

Fenwick access point

The Cherry River, situated in Nicholas and Greenbrier Counties, is a freestone stream with rugged terrain and swift currents. The river is stocked with brown trout, but wild populations are also present. Anglers can access the Cherry River from Richwood City Park, Holcomb Bridge, or the Fenwick access point.

Shavers Fork

Stuart Recreation Area

Bemis Bridge

Gaudineer Knob Picnic Area

The Shavers Fork is a popular destination for fly fishing enthusiasts, known for its wild brown trout and stunning scenery. The river is located in Randolph and Pocahontas Counties and is a tributary of the Cheat River. The Stuart Recreation Area, Bemis Bridge, and Gaudineer Knob Picnic Area offer easy access points for anglers.

West Virginia is a paradise for anglers, offering numerous wild brown trout streams that provide a unique and challenging fishing experience. The Elk River, Cranberry River, Seneca Creek, Williams River, Cherry River, and Shavers Fork are just a few of the top streams that should be on your list. With these access points, you can explore the beauty of West Virginia and catch some wild brown trout along the way. So, pack your gear and head to these West Virginian gems for an unforgettable fishing adventure!

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