Cherry River West Virginia

Cherry River West Virginia

Cherry River in West Virginia is renowned for its excellent fishing opportunities. Anglers from all over the state come to take advantage of the varied and abundant fish species that can be found here. The Cherry River offers excellent trout fishing, with a number of access points allowing for easy access to the river. Whether you are looking for a serene spot to relax and cast a line or hoping to catch some big ones, the Cherry River can provide an unforgettable experience. The Cherry River flows into the Gauley River in West Virginia.

North Fork of Cherry River

The North Fork of Cherry River is approximately a 10-mile stream to trout fish near North Bend in Greenbrier and Nicholas County. The North Fork of the Cherry is stocked with trout twice a month from February till April and once in May of every year. There are numerous sections of the Cherry River West Virginia where you can catch alot of trout. Fishing is open year round on the North Fork of Cherry River. The North Fork is stocked from half mile above the Catch & Release Area on the Cherry upstream approximately 9 miles along West Virginia Rt. 39 to bridge close to Carpenter Run.

South Fork of Cherry River

The South Fork of Cherry River runs approximately a 9.-miles of trout stream near Richwood, West Virginia into the counties of Greenbrier and Nicholas. The South Fork of Cherry RIver is stocked twice a month from February-April and once in May. The South Fork of the Cherry is stocked from 1 mile above Richwood, WV upstream approximately 9 miles to where Cold Knob Fork is located.

Hotels in Richwood WV

There is not a lot of options to stay in the area, but one of my favorite that is close to all the trout streams of the Cherry River, Williams River and Cranberry Glades is the Four Seasons Lodge. The address is 320 North Fork Cherry Highway, Route 39/55 in Richwood, West Virginia, Prices are very affordable and they have around 27 rooms available to rent. This place is very close to all the trout streams in the area. Heck, outside the hotel is the Cherry River where you can even cast a line while staying there.

Cherry River Fishing Access

Cherry River provides excellent trout fishing opportunities for both experienced and novice anglers. A number of access points have been established along the river's banks to provide easy access to the water. Many of these access points are located along route 39 and 55. If you're looking for the best Cherry River trout fishing you can find pull offs on many locations along the North Fork and South Fork of the Cherry.

WV Fishing License

To obtain a Fishing License for the Cherry River in West Virginia, anglers must have a valid West Virginia fishing license. This is usually an annual license that can be purchased online or at certain locations such as bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores, and online at WV DNR. The cost of the license varies depending on residency status and age, with discounted rates available to seniors or military personnel. Equipment used while fishing may also require additional permits such as a trout stamp or pheasant permit. Furthermore, some bodies of water may require special use permits to fish specific species of fish. Before heading out to the river it is important to check with local authorities to make sure that all necessary paperwork has been obtained in order to legally fish on the Cherry River in West Virginia.

North fork of cherry river trout Fishing WV Directions

South Fork of cherry river trout Fishing WV Directions

Cherry River West Virginia

The South Fork and North Fork of the Cherry RIver offers some of the best trout fishing in West Virginia.  Take a bike and you can hit many trails that run along the Cherry River. Visit some of the historic places in Richwood, WV and surrounding areas. Below is an interactive fishing map of all the streams in West Virginia.