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Randolph County Trout Streams: Your Ultimate Guide to West Virginia's Premier Fishing Destinations

Nestled within the Appalachian Mountains in West Virginia, Randolph County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and anglers alike. With its lush forests, winding rivers, and pristine streams, it's no wonder that this region is home to some of the best trout fishing in the United States. In this article, we'll explore the trout streams in Randolph County, highlighting the unique features and characteristics of each location.

Shavers Fork

Shavers Fork is the longest stream in Randolph County and is well-known for its excellent trout fishing. The stream is stocked regularly with Brown, Rainbow, and Brook trout, ensuring a thriving population for anglers to enjoy. The water is crystal clear, and the stream's many pools and riffles provide an ideal habitat for trout.

The best access points to Shavers Fork include the Stuart Recreation Area, Bemis, and Bowden. The Stuart Recreation Area offers camping, picnicking, and a boat launch, making it a perfect location for a weekend fishing trip. Bemis and Bowden are smaller access points, providing a more secluded fishing experience for those looking to escape the crowds.

Gandy Creek

Gandy Creek is a hidden gem nestled within the Monongahela National Forest. This picturesque stream is primarily known for its native Brook trout, although it is also stocked with Rainbow trout. With its beautiful cascading waterfalls and dense forest surroundings, Gandy Creek offers a serene fishing experience.

The primary access point to Gandy Creek is Gandy Creek Road (CR 29), which runs parallel to the stream. There are several pull-off areas along the road that provide convenient access to the water. Be prepared for a more rugged experience, as there are no developed amenities in the area.

Dry Fork

Dry Fork is another popular trout fishing destination in Randolph County. The stream is home to Brown, Brook, and Rainbow trout, with a combination of stocked and wild populations. Dry Fork's cool, clear waters are perfect for trout, providing ample opportunities for anglers to land a memorable catch.

Access to Dry Fork can be found at several locations, including Harman, Jenningston, and Hendricks. Each access point offers different fishing experiences, from the wide-open spaces of Harman to the more secluded reaches near Jenningston and Hendricks. Regardless of which area you choose, you'll find exceptional trout fishing on the Dry Fork.

Laurel Fork

The Laurel Fork is a tributary of the Dry Fork and is another excellent destination for trout fishing in Randolph County. The stream is regularly stocked with Brown, Rainbow, and Brook trout, providing anglers with a variety of species to target. Laurel Fork's swift currents and deep pools make it an ideal environment for trout to thrive.

Access to Laurel Fork can be found at the Laurel Fork Campground and near the town of Glady. The Laurel Fork Campground, located within the Monongahela National Forest, offers a picturesque setting with camping, picnicking, and hiking opportunities. The Glady access point provides a more remote fishing experience, perfect for anglers seeking solitude.

Middle Fork River

The Middle Fork River is a scenic waterway that offers exceptional trout fishing opportunities. Brown, Rainbow, and Brook trout can be found throughout the river, with both stocked and wild populations present. The Middle Fork's varying water conditions, from riffles to deep pools, create a diverse habitat that supports a healthy trout population.

Access to the Middle Fork River can be found at Audra State Park and near the city of Elkins. Audra State Park provides a family-friendly environment with camping, picnicking, and hiking opportunities, while the Elkins access point offers a more urban fishing experience.

Glady Fork

The Glady Fork is a smaller tributary of the Dry Fork, known for its native Brook trout and stocked Brown trout populations. The stream's pristine waters and abundant aquatic insect life make it a prime location for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Access to Glady Fork can be found in the town of Glady and along County Road 27. The Glady access point offers a more developed area for fishing, while the areas along CR 27 provide a more secluded experience. Be prepared to navigate some rugged terrain, as there are no developed amenities in the area.

Files Creek

Files Creek is a picturesque trout stream that winds through the Monongahela National Forest before joining the Tygart Valley River. The creek is stocked with Brown and Rainbow trout, providing ample opportunities for anglers to test their skills.

Access to Files Creek can be found along Files Creek Road (CR 37) and near the town of Beverly. Both access points offer easy entry to the water, with the Beverly access point providing a more urban setting.

Randolph County, West Virginia, boasts a diverse array of trout streams that offer something for every angler. From the remote wilderness of Gandy Creek to the family-friendly atmosphere at Audra State Park, there's a trout fishing experience waiting for you in this Appalachian paradise. So grab your gear and head to the mountains for an unforgettable fishing adventure in Randolph County.

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