Anthony Creek WV Trout Fishing

Anthony Creek WV Trout Fishing

Anthony Creek in West Virginia is a picturesque destination that offers visitors an array of outdoor activities. Located in the Greenbrier Valley, Anthony Creek is renowned for its excellent trout fishing. It is one of the most popular spots for anglers to catch rainbow and brown trout. Not only does Anthony Creek provide excellent fishing opportunities, but it also boasts breathtaking scenery and endless recreational activities. Visitors can take advantage of local campgrounds and trails while enjoying the beauty of this pristine location.

Anthony Creek WV trout fishing is approximately 12 mile section is a trout stream located near Shryock in Greenbrier County. Anthony Creek WV Fishing is stocked from 1 mile below Big Draft Run upstream to 13 miles to Neola, West Virginia. Anthony Creek WV is stocked once in January two times in February and once a week from March to May. In addition, Anthony Creek West Virginia is stocked in the fall receiving 2 stockings in October of each year. Anthony Creek flows into the Greenbrier River and I have caught some nice rainbows where Anthony Creek dumps into the Greenbrier.

Trout Bait for Anthony Creek WV

When fishing in Anthony Creek WV, anglers can expect to find trout in good numbers. Trout bait is necessary to make sure you have a successful outing. For those looking to stock up on the best trout bait for this area, the following options are all ideal choices: Powerbait, mealworms, salmon eggs and worms.

Powerbait is a popular choice for anglers targeting trout in Anthony Creek WV because it has been created with a special formula that can attract even finicky fish. It also comes pre-scented and flavored to further entice trout into taking the bait. Mealworms are also effective at luring trout as they provide an irresistible source of protein and nutrition for them. Salmon eggs are another great option as they emit a natural scent that can be attractive to trout in the area; however, due to their fragility they must be handled carefully or else they may lose their appealing scent or texture quickly. Lastly, worms are always a reliable choice when targeting any type of fish because they contain fats that break down slowly and will linger in the water long after being placed there – making them an attractive lure for passing fish including Trout!

Lodging Close to Anthony Creek WV

Anthony Creek WV is a popular destination for trout fishing in West Virginia. With plenty of nearby waterways and streams, anglers from all over come to take advantage of the abundant trout stocked in this creek. For those looking for lodging close to Anthony Creek WV, there are several options available. The closest option is the Super 8 by Wyndham Lewisburg/White Sulphur Springs. All these properties offer comfortable accommodations with excellent amenities to make your stay relaxing and enjoyable while you’re out on the water fishing for trout at Anthony Creek WV. In addition, you can book a room at The Greenbrier Resort

Kayak Opportunities on Anthony Creek

Anthony Creek in West Virginia is a great destination for kayak fishing opportunities. It is relatively shallow with many spots that are only a few feet deep, making it an ideal location for kayaks of all sizes. In addition to its variety of fish, Anthony Creek also offers excellent scenery and wildlife watching opportunities. There is some nice rapids you can ride on this 12 mile section of river. Just be sure to pick the right season cause in the summer this stream gets low.

Anthony Creek WV Trout Fishing WV Directions

Anthony Creek WV Trout Fishing