Glade Creek WV

Glade Creek WV

Glade Creek is a large tributary of the New River that flows from Raleigh County. Glade creek is one of the popular trout streams in southern West Virginia. Glade forms at Flat Top Mountain in Raleigh County and flows through the mountains and valleys until it dumps into the New River in Prince, West VIrginia. You can access Glade Creek from two entrances. The upper section can. be accessed by State Route 307 located off the Grandview Exit 129 From here you will head toward the gas station and you will go probably another .25/mile and you will see a sign on the left side of the road. Turn down this road and there will be two houses on the right keep going on the road then this will take you down to Glade Creek. At the very end, you can park and walk down the stream which the creek flows under Glade Creek Bridge WV.

This section is popular where you can visit Kates Falls and other falls on this section of Glade Creek. Personally, this is the section i fish and have caught numerous rainbow and brown trout. The path is easy to navigate and if you feel froggy you can hike all the way to the end of the Glade Creek Trail system where it dumps into the New RIver. The lower half of Glade Creek is catch-and-release. To access the lower half of Glade Creek if you don't want to hike from the top entrance you can take State Route 41 down Batoff Mountain toward Prince. Right before the Bridge, turn right onto National Park Land. From here you can drive all the way to the end and park and hike up Glade Creek to the right. There are some beautiful holes of water on this trail. It is recommended to have a 4-wheel drive vehicle to access Glade Creek on the upper section as the road is dirt and rough in areas do to traffic and rain.

Points of Interest to See on Glade Creek

Glade Creek Bridge WV "aka" Phil G. McDonald bridge is on Interstate 64 and is 2,179 foot long that sits 700 feet above Glade Creek. This is the highest interstate bridge in the USA. When your on the Glade Creek trail you will go under the bridge and you can look up and see it.

Kates Falls Trail

You can access Kates Falls Trail off of Glade Creek. Kates Falls can be accessed by either entrance onto Glade Creek At the bottom entrance near Prince it is approximately 4.6 mile to the falls or from the top entrance off Grandview Road it is approximately 1.09 miles downstream from the upper section.

Fishing on Glade Creek is very remote but you will run into hikers and other anglers during your trip. Fishing the upper section hiking down Glade Creek Trail provides many different access points to the creek. Most holes are full of trout and you can catch your daily creel limit of 6. The farther you go downstream you better your odds as the fish have washed downstream and you will not encounter too many people. I personally use rooster tails to fish Glade Creek for trout. I almost catch my limit every time I go. However, feel free to use salmon eggs, meal worms and any other bait you like.

Upper Glade Creek Map

Lower Glade Creek Map

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Kates Falls Glade Creek Trail

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