Trout Run WV

Trout Run WV

Trout Run, WV: A Hidden Gem for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Trout Run, WV is a small unincorporated community located in Hardy County in the eastern part of West Virginia. This area is known for its stunning natural beauty and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities. Trout Run is particularly well-known for its world-class fishing and hunting, making it a favorite destination for anglers and hunters alike.

Fishing in Trout Run

Trout Run is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts, with its clear streams and rivers filled with a variety of fish. The South Branch of the Potomac River flows through Trout Run, providing ample opportunities for trout, bass, and other fish species. The river is stocked with fish by the West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, ensuring that there is always plenty of fish for anglers to catch.

In addition to the South Branch of the Potomac River, Trout Run is also home to several smaller streams and creeks that are ideal for fly fishing. These streams are known for their crystal-clear waters and abundance of fish, including native brook trout. The headwaters of Trout Run itself are also a popular spot for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Hunting in Trout Run

Trout Run is also a popular destination for hunting enthusiasts, with its abundant wildlife and diverse hunting opportunities. The area is home to a variety of game species, including white-tailed deer, black bear, wild turkey, and small game such as rabbit and squirrel. The forests surrounding Trout Run provide ample opportunities for hunting, with miles of trails and unspoiled wilderness to explore.

Other Outdoor Activities in Trout Run

In addition to fishing and hunting, Trout Run offers a variety of other outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. Hiking, camping, and birdwatching are all popular pastimes in the area, with several state parks and wildlife management areas located nearby. The George Washington National Forest, which surrounds Trout Run, offers miles of hiking trails and scenic overlooks, as well as opportunities for camping and picnicking.

One of the most popular attractions in Trout Run is the Trout Pond Recreation Area, located just outside of town. This area features a 2-acre stocked pond that is perfect for fishing, as well as hiking trails, picnic areas, and a campground. The nearby Smoke Hole Caverns are also a popular attraction, offering guided tours of the underground caverns and stunning rock formations.

Accommodations in Trout Run

Trout Run is a small community, but there are several accommodations available for visitors. The Trout Pond Recreation Area features a campground with both tent and RV sites, as well as several cabins and lodges available for rent. There are also several private vacation rentals available in the area, as well as a few small bed and breakfasts.

Trout Run, WV may be a small community, but it offers a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities for visitors. Whether you're an avid angler or hunter, or simply enjoy hiking and exploring the great outdoors, Trout Run has something to offer. With its stunning natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and diverse range of activities, Trout Run is truly a hidden gem in West Virginia.

Trout Run WV

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