Elkhorn Creek West Virginia

Elkhorn Creek West Virginia

Elkhorn Creek in West Virginia is one of the best wild brown trout streams located in the state. The Elkhorn creek offers fishermen a chance to experience an amazing outdoor adventure, as it is full of diverse wildlife and lush vegetation. Anglers can expect to find plenty of wild brown trout, along with other species such as smallmouth bass, sunfish, catfish and suckers.

Elkhorn Creek is a 23.7-mile-long creek of the Tug Fork, belonging to the Ohio River and Mississippi River waterways. It is located in McDowell and Mercer counties in West Virginia. Elkhorn Creek is also known as Elkhorn Fork and Elkhorn River. Elkhorn Creek's source is located in the Appalachian Mountains, a few miles east of the community of Cannelton. It flows northward through the communities of Cannelton and Elkhorn City, where it joins the Tug Fork.

Where to Fish on the Elkhorn Creek in West Virginia

The back fork of the Elk River is known as the catch and release section and is divided into 2 sections—the upper Elkhorn Creek section, which is nearly 5 miles long and the lower section, which is 2 miles long. The upper Elkhorn section is populated primarily with wild brown and rainbows trout, while the lower Elkhorn Creek is stocked by the Department of Natural Resources each year. Both are sections of the Elkhorn are great, so you can enjoy fishing any section to land some of the best trout in WV.

Wildlife: Native Species

Located in the beautiful state of West Virginia, Elkhorn Creek is a renowned gem for its wild brown trout streams that offer some of the best trout fishing in WV. With its crystal clear waters and sensational scenery, this creek has long been regarded as one of the best destinations for trout fishing in the region. Elkhorn Creek is home to a wide variety of native species that make it an ideal spot for wildlife enthusiasts to pay a visit. These Black and brown trout have been reproducing successfully in this stream since the 1970s. This gives them the "wild" classification. The various wildlife species living in the area include river otters, muskrats, beavers, mink, black bears, white-tailed deer and even bald eagles. Fishermen can choose from numerous different types of fish including smallmouth bass, channel catfish and bluegill. The creek also provides some great opportunities for duck hunting during certain times of year when game birds are in abundance.

Recreation: Activities & Attractions

Elkhorn Creek West Virginia is a paradise for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. Located in the Appalachian Mountains, Elkhorn Creek offers some of the best wild brown trout streams in West Virginia. This peaceful creek has plenty to offer visitors, including stunning scenery and abundant wildlife.

The crystal clear waters of Elkhorn Creek are perfect for fishing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. With over 25 miles of easy-to-navigate waterways, anglers can cast their line into the creek’s deep pools surrounded by rhododendron thickets and hemlock trees. Swimmers can take a refreshing dip in this cool mountain stream or explore its tranquil back channels with a kayak or canoe. Whatever activity you choose to do at Elkhorn Creek you’re sure to find peace and adventure amidst its breathtaking natural beauty.

History: Formation & Significance

Elkhorn Creek in West Virginia is one of the few wild brown trout streams in WV- that is popular among anglers and nature enthusiasts alike. Originating at the base of the Allegheny Mountains, Elkhorn Creek formation dates back to the Ice Age and was formed by glacial meltwater. The creek is an important part of West Virginia's natural history due to its significant contributions to biodiversity, particularly species of fish such as wild brown trout.

Elkhorn Creek has long been recognized as one of the premier trout fishing destinations in all of West Virginia. Its beautiful scenery and abundance of wildlife make it a favorite spot for fishermen looking to catch some wild brown trout. Anglers come from far and wide to take advantage of this unique opportunity for catching trophy-sized fish, making Elkhorn Creek one of the best places for trout fishing in all of West Virginia. Elkhorn Creek is a popular destination for hiking, camping and hunting.

The first settlers in the area were land investors who arrived in 1844.

Challenges: Pollution & Conservation

Elkhorn Creek, West Virginia is a popular destination for fishers seeking wild brown trout streams. It has long been considered one of the best places for trout fishing in West Virginia and beyond. Despite its popularity, Elkhorn Creek is facing some serious challenges- pollution and conservation.

High levels of acidity in the creek have been linked to mine drainage from abandoned coal mines upstream. This runoff can cause significant damage to ecosystems, changing water chemistry and killing off vital aquatic life. Additionally, Elkhorn Creek has suffered from increased sedimentation due to development projects along the shoreline. This negatively impacts spawning conditions for fish species such as the native wild brown trout that rely on clean gravel beds for reproduction.

Elkhorn Creek Trout Fishing Directions

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